CM Punk Reportedly On 'Best Behavior' Backstage At WWE Raw, Looking To Move Past AEW

By now, even extraterrestrials from the farthest corners of the galaxy have learned that CM Punk is back in WWE, having returned to the promotion this past Saturday at Survivor Series. Since then, he's cut a promo on "WWE Raw" that has generated a lot of discussion, good and bad, has been rumored to have upcoming feuds with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, and has everyone watching his every move, wondering if he'll have any blowups the same way he did in his AEW tenure.

So far, at least, it appears all is well. Fightful Select reports that Punk was on his best behavior on Monday, and that he was in good spirits, largely spending the day being photographed, both officially and with WWE talent. There may be a good reason for that, as some within WWE believe that Punk's signing came with a behavior clause in his new deal. However, the existence of said clause hasn't been confirmed at this time, nor have any details on what such a clause may entail.

Another talking point regarding Punk's promo on "Raw" was a short run around the ring after the show went off the air, which some took as a shot towards The Young Bucks, who had done similar "victory laps" in the past. The belief is that Punk's short sprint was not, in fact, a shot at his former nemeses within the AEW locker room, and that Punk is looking to move past the issues he had in AEW.