Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Discusses Kevin Dunn's WWE Departure

After over 40 years serving under various roles, WWE's Executive Producer and Chief of Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn called it a day this past Monday, giving his notice to the promotion and walking off into retirement. The move is a massive shift for WWE, whose production values had largely been formed by Dunn over the past several decades, something noted by WWE President Nick Khan in a memo announcing Dunn's departure.

Since his departure, many in wrestling have noted how important Dunn was to WWE, including Kevin Sullivan, who spent many years competing against Dunn both on and offscreen over at WCW. On the latest episode of "Tuesdays with the Taskmaster," Sullivan praised Dunn's abilities in his executive role and believes Dunn will have very few worries as he departs WWE.

"Their shots, their production is amazing," Sullivan said. "Amazing. Sometimes, you think you own the company when you're very good. And the other thing is everything comes to an end. So I wish him the best. He doesn't have to worry about anything. I'm sure he's going to get a big severance package."

While Dunn may have little to worry about, questions remain about how WWE will go about replacing him. At the moment, reports have suggested that Dunn's duties will be taken over by a committee of people until a replacement can be found. One name unlikely to be Dunn's successor is Mike Mansury, who had previously worked under Dunn in WWE before giving his notice in 2020. HeĀ has since joined AEW as Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer.

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