Update On WWE Star Liv Morgan's Recent Arrest

Last month, WWE star Liv Morgan made headlines after she was arrested for possession of marijuana in the state of Florida. According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, though Morgan was initially charged with felony drug possession, her case has been transferred to "a different division" and the felony will likely be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Meltzer states that first-time marijuana offenders in Florida are often able to pay a small fee and be able to move forward without anything on their record. Morgan is said to have hired attorney Jack Goldberger to handle her case. Goldberger is a prominent Florida lawyer and is perhaps best known for serving on the legal team of Jeffrey Epstein when he was charged with child sex trafficking in 2019.

Before this news emerged, it had already been reported that Morgan earned no ill will with WWE over the arrest. The 29-year-old has been out of action for quite some time due to a shoulder injury Morgan dealt with for several months last year, eventually resulting in her being written off TV. Her last match took place on July 17, 2023, when she and Raquel Rodriguez dropped the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship to Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville.

Just days before her arrest, Morgan was spotted at the premiere of "The Iron Claw," where she posed alongside AEW's MJF, WWE legend John Cena, and Baron Corbin. Having been out of action for almost 6 months, and with her legal woes hopefully in the rearview mirror, Morgan should soon be poised to return to WWE.