WWE Star LA Knight Takes Stock Of What He Brings To The Table

LA Knight has discussed his rise to the top in WWE and what he attributes his success to.

Knight, in a recent discussion with "The West Sport," discussed the tremendous year he had in 2023, and what he's done to become one of the most popular stars in WWE.

"Even though I built a strong foundation over a very long time outside of the WWE, but once you get inside, the game really kind of resets in a weird way. You bring everything that brought you to the dance, that got you there, but at the same time, now you have to prove yourself all over again," said Knight. "So I don't think there were a lot of great expectations flung upon me other than anybody by myself. At that point, it was just a matter of me getting in there, making the most of every single moment I got, whether it was them telling me you got 30 seconds or you got two minutes, or whatever you got. I'm going to make sure to extract every bit of juice at every little moment that I can, to the point where now I built a hell of a foundation in 2023."

He then looked to the future and revealed his plans going forward in the company.

"So now what we do is we take that foundation I built in 2023 and we start to build the skyscraper that's going to be the rest of LA Knight's career. Me solidifying my legacy, WWE Champion, and then eventually we're talking about a Hall of Fame career," said Knight.

LA Knight on what makes him different and special

LA Knight stated that he looks and sounds like what a pro wrestler should be, which is a reason why fans have gravitated towards him.

"I think I tick all the boxes. When you think about what a wrestler looks like, when you think about what a wrestler seems like, feels like, acts like all that kind of stuff," said the "WWE SmackDown" star. "I go out there to talk some trash and then I go out there to have a fight, and I go out there to win."

The WWE star believes that the things that he says and does in the ring is relatable to the people that watch WWE, which is why, he believes, his popularity has risen over the last year.

"For me to keep pushing through and not even know how to give up, not know how to stop, not know how to quit, and just keep pushing to be completely relentless and then end up in the place that I'm in now, where you're talking about being at the top of the industry and being one of the guys talked about as being the top guy in the industry, a guy who is — if I could just go ahead and toot my own horn — you're talking about five months in a row of being the number one merchandise seller in the WWE."

He argued that becoming the highest merch seller is not by accident but rather because people relate to the character he portrays.