Tommy Dreamer: 'One Little Word' Could Have Changed Darby Allin's AEW Dynamite Promo

Even though nearly a week has passed, many wrestling fans are still talking about a promo Darby Allin cut last week on "AEW Dynamite" towards the Young Bucks. Allin's words got a ton of attention, not just because he officially accepted the Bucks' challenge to face him and Sting in Sting's last match at AEW Revolution, but for remarks where he accused the AEW EVPs of not wanting to hire him in 2019, leading to chants for former AEW EVP/talent turned WWE top star, Cody Rhodes, who Allin credited for landing him an AEW job.


With Allin already receiving plenty of criticism for alluding to Rhodes, TNA booking committee member Tommy Dreamer decided to offer his two cents. On last week's post "Dynamite" episode of "Busted Open Radio," Dreamer discussed the "art of a promo," putting himself in Allin's shoes regarding how he would've handled the situation. In doing so, Dreamer believes a simple fix would've led to the promo being received differently, even if Dreamer himself doesn't believe the promo was a dud.

"That one line...all he had to do...was put it on the company or put it on the boss, [that] is the game changer for that promo," Dreamer said. "It's something that everyone can rally behind and continue. Because if you have the evil EVPs, yes they did hire people, yes they do...again, this is on camera. There is no...the nWo was different because at the time, the business needed it. There is nowhere the company held me down, the glass ceiling. All that stuff is so outdated because if you have a microphone and you're talking about it, guess what? You're now getting that opportunity. So you have to think smarter, and that could've been a game changer, like a hard times promo."


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