Bully Ray Surveys WWE Landscape With Seth Rollins & Cody Rhodes

The Road to WrestleMania is in full swing, and all eyes have been on Cody Rhodes, his quest to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns, and his ongoing issues with Reigns, The Rock, and the rest of The Bloodline stable. Then there's WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins, who some have felt has receded a bit too far into the background, despite volunteering to back up Rhodes and having his own title match scheduled at WrestleMania against Drew McIntyre.


Bully Ray can be counted among those who feel Rollins has become a secondary character in the WWE landscape. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Bully detailed just how far apart Rollins feels from Rhodes and Reigns at the current moment.

"I think they should be on an even playing field, and I don't think it's been an even playing field since the press conference," Bully said. "Ever since Roman Reigns called Seth Rollins' World Heavyweight Championship the "loser bracket's championship,' that comment has stayed with me. It really resonated. I believe that comment did some damage to what Seth has done for that championship."

In addition to Rollins feeling like a second wheel, Bully also believes that Rock has taken some spotlight away from Reigns. However, he doesn't feel that's a bad thing, and believes the whole scenario could benefit Reigns vs. Rhodes long-term, should Rock accept his challenge to face Rhodes at Night One of WrestleMania, giving Rhodes a chance to defeat Rock and Reigns back-to-back.


"If you're decision is to put the Universal Championship around Cody's waist on night two, what a way to get there by defeating The Rock Night One, and then having to deal with the entire Bloodline, and possible Rock interference, Night Two, and still defeat Roman," Bully said.

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