Photos: AEW's CJ Perry Poses For Pic With WWE Stars At Dune 2 Premiere Event

It's a big weekend for Dave Batista, as "Dune: Part Two," the sequel to, what else, "Dune" is set to hit theaters this weekend, with the wrestling legend reprising his role as Glossu Rabban Harkkonen. Before teh wide release, however, he film had its premiere earlier this week, and it proved to be a place for common ground amongst performers working for WWE and AEW.


Taking to X early Wednesday morning, AEW's CJ Perry posted photos from her on the "Dune: Part Two" red carpet. Among the photos was Perry posing with Batista, as well as WWE stars Titus O'Neil and MVP. Perry further praised "Dune Part II," including its score, cinematography, action sequences, and lighting, urging fans to check the film out this Friday.

Perry's appearance on the "Dune" red carpet is her first notable appearance in some time, as the former "Lana" hasn't been seen on AEW programming since December, when she betrayed her client, Andrade El Idolo, at AEW Worlds End, helping her husband Miro pick up the victory. Andrade would return to WWE shortly thereafter, and Miro has also been absent from AEW since.


Before Worlds End, Perry had been dealing with an MRSA infection in her finger, which led to her getting surgery in mid-December to keep the infection from spreading. Despite the successful surgery, Perry noted in mid-January that she had suffered a setback due to antibiotics failing to treat the infection, leading to her being put on new medication and regular visits with her surgeon. It remains unclear if the setback with her infection is the cause for Perry, or Miro's, current absence from AEW TV.