Nikkita Lyons Discusses Rehab, Working On Her Craft At WWE Performance Center

As she inches closer to making her return to "NXT" programming from injury, Nikkita Lyons has shared some insight into what her recovery process has looked like with Booker T on his "Hall of Fame" podcast.


"Every single day, I report to the Performance Center," Lyons said. "I do my rehab. I do my lifts. You know, I work on my craft and now, what people mistake is just because things are being posted –- yes, I post, but I post what I want you to see."

Lyons further explained that her focus is currently on recovering rather than making posts on social media, emphasizing the work that goes into recovering from an injury.

"That's a big thing too aside from physically," Lyons said. "Being mentally strong in anything, honestly. In any line of work and whatever. That's a huge thing is mental health."

Lyons suffered an injury of an unknown nature in mid-February, having made her return from another injury to "NXT" shortly prior on December 5 when she blindsided Blair Davenport with an attack. She had previously suffered a torn ACL in January of last year.


"My experience there has always been great," Lyons said while reflecting on the time she's spent at the Performance Center. "I mean, it pushes you to your limit, however, it's safe. I think a big thing when it comes to the injuries and stuff is the recovery and possibly warming up properly before having like a live match or a TV match."

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