WWE World Champion Seth Rollins Reflects On 2019 War Of Words With AEW's Will Ospreay

Though the two have never locked up in the ring, WWE star Seth Rollins and AEW's Will Ospreay have previously tussled with one another online. Ahead of his WWE WrestleMania 40 main event, Seth Rollins spoke to The Ringer and touched on, among other topics, his verbal conflict with Ospreay in 2019. The WWE star explained why he felt the need to speak up so aggressively.


"WWE is my home, right?" Rollins said. "I'm not talking just the talent; I'm talking about the whole team, the production, the creative — love it or hate it, we're the best. And I've been a proponent of these people in my family and had their back for years because I believe that, and I believe in the work we all put together to make this industry the best it possibly can be."

The back-and-forth began after Rollins responded to a WWE social media post by stating that WWE had the best pro wrestling on the planet. Ospreay chimed in by stating, "I'm alive." While this was a relatively tame exchange, Rollins' tone was a little more harsh in his reply to Ospreay, calling him "little guy" and stating that Ricochet was a better version of the NJPW star. The exchange would continue with Rollins asking Ospreay if he'd like to compare bank accounts.


Rollins later apologized for his words, with Ospreay accepting. The two have since teased a Rollins-Ospreay "dream match," though both remain in different companies. Still, Rollins has positive things to say about the AEW star despite their separate allegiances.

"[Will Ospreay] is absolutely one of the best performers in the world," Rollins stated. "I'm happy that he is finally ... getting to the very top level in our industry."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Ringer with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.