Tommy Dreamer Says This WWE Feud Could Main Event Any PLE

From the moment CM Punk returned to WWE this past November, he has found himself at odds with Drew McIntyre, with the issues between them ballooning after Punk was injured by McIntyre at the Royal Rumble, and McIntyre celebrated Punk's misfortune. Punk finally got some revenge this past week, however, attacking McIntyre following his World Heavyweight Title victory over Seth Rollins at Night Two of WrestleMania 40, leading to Damian Priest cashing in and ending McIntyre's title reign in five minutes, and then costing McIntyre another match on "Raw."


While some may wish that Punk and McIntyre's feud included the World Heavyweight Championship, Tommy Dreamer is fine with the rivalry not involving the title, explaining why on Wednesday's edition of "Busted Open Radio."

"Drew McIntyre-CM Punk doesn't need to be for the World Title," Dreamer said. "And it will [still] have that much interest...If you have Rock and Roman, it doesn't have to be for the title, and it's as interesting...Damian Priest needs to establish himself as the man in WWE. We have Seth Rollins, we have Cody, we have The Rock, but now we have different people doing their own thing. And just like Cody needs to establish himself as the face of the brand, Damian Priest needs to do the same. 


"CM Punk and Drew McIntyre will, should, and could, main event any PPV right now, once CM Punk is ready. And they don't need the World Title involved in that, which always helps with finishes and all the stuff like that. Cause there could come a moment where CM Punk says 'Now I want the World Title.' And everyone's going to get behind it. We'll see. But yes, you don't need the World Title. Not every single story needs to involve a World Title."

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