The Rock Names Former Champion The MVP Of WWE WrestleMania 40

With WrestleMania 40 now in the rearview mirror, The Rock is taking his "People's Championship" and heading back to Hollywood, even though he has vowed to return someday to take Cody Rhodes' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from him. Before he can fully break away, however, Rock took some time to reflect on what he thinks was a pretty successful return to the ring.


Posting a statement and video on Instagram Sunday evening, Rock provided fans with a "post-WrestleMania check-in." He revealed that his body feels great and that he had sustained no injuries during his WrestleMania match with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Rhodes, though he admitted he had been banged up a bit. Rock also shared details about his preparation for the WrestleMania match, specifically noting how he underwent a 12-week training program to get ready for WrestleMania, primarily focusing on his conditioning and cardio.

In both the video and statement, Rock made note of the success WrestleMania 40 achieved, thanked the fans for their support, and called it "an honor" to share the ring with Rhodes, Reigns, and Rollins. In particular, Rock was highly complimentary of Rollins, referring to the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion "the real MVP of the entire WrestleMania weekend" for his performances on Night One and Night Two.


Rock's praise for Rollins will likely do little to soften the blow of neither night working in Rollins' favor. Rollins and Rhodes were unsuccessful in the tag match against Rock and Reigns at Night One, after Rock pinned Rhodes with The People's Elbow, followed by Drew McIntyre defeating Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title to open Night Two. Rollins would later attempt to assist Rhodes during his Undisputed Universal Title match against Reigns, only to be thwarted.