Miro Addresses Relationship With AEW And Tony Khan

Since signing with AEW in the fall of 2020, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster relationship for Miro and the promotion. While there have been plenty of good times, including Miro's reign as TNT Champion in 2021, there's been plenty of controversy, including a long absence from AEW TV from mid-2022 to early 2023 that suggested Miro and AEW's relationship had soured, claims by Miro's now ex-wife, CJ Perry, that he would look to return to WWE at some point, and what many felt were shots at AEW owner Tony Khan in March when Miro took to social media to clarify his injury status.


During an interview with Bill Apter of "Sportskeeda," however, Miro seemed to indicate that all was currently well between him and AEW, with the Bulgarian star sharing his favorite aspects of the promotion and what interested him in going to AEW in the first place.

"I love the freedom of styles that we have," Miro said. "We have people from Mexico, from Japan, from Bulgaria, from England. You just come in and bring your style and fight the way you want to, which I really [like]. What brought me to this company in the first place is the freedom you get."

As for his relationship with Khan, Miro indicated that all was well, praising his boss for what he's accomplished in a short period of time.

"Tony's great," Miro said. "He's creative...his mind is running always. He always thinks about wrestling, he's always thinking about how to get things better. I respect that. I respect that he loves wrestling...and now he's carried that too the second, or one of the biggest companies in the world."


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