WWE Star Karl Anderson Opens Up About How It Felt To Get Sent To NXT

WWE star Karl Anderson has discussed his and Luke Gallows' stint in "WWE NXT," and if they thought that the move to the brand was a negative. 

Gallows and Anderson made a surprise appearance on "NXT" in February, with the duo having a few matches on the developmental brand. Anderson reflected on the stint, during his appearance on "Busted Open."


"That was fun," said the WWE star about featuring on "NXT." "Geez, you know, having the opportunity to go down there and seeing the guys that are truly new to professional wrestling. The couple of kids that we worked about a month ago, that we wrestled with, were, you know, they're only two years in pro wrestling and only two years into training. So being able to talk with them, about talking through a match and talking inside the ring about a match and then after the match listening and talking to them about the match, it just was kind of fun."

Anderson was asked by Bully Ray if he and Gallows were displeased at how they were used on the main roster. The WWE star stated that he and his tag team partner want to feature often, but understands that there are many talented stars on the WWE roster who are vying for a spot on television.


"I don't know if it's so much of not being used the way we think we should be used. I think it's just you know [in] WWE, sometimes you got to sit and you gotta take your time you, got to be patient and you gotta wait."

Anderson is open to featuring more often on NXT

Karl Anderson only sees positives in his "NXT" run, arguing how he and his tag team partner Luke Gallows are keen to wrestle and cut promos often. He also potentially opened the door for them to feature more on the brand.


"So getting the call to go to 'NXT' — zero negative. If anything, we got the text — I believe we were we were actually driving to SmackDown that day — we got the group text about going to 'NXT' from one of the writers and it just excited us. I mean, just to be able ... we've been doing this for a long time, over 20 years. So just to get in the ring, talk wrestling, talk about promos, talk about storyline, physically get in the ring and do it, it still excites us. So being able to go to NXT, total positive. We did it for about a month I think, it was a month or five weeks or whatever it was, and it was ... I wouldn't mind it being more."

The duo had three tag team matches in "NXT," with the first coming against Edris Enofe and Malik Blade on the February 27 edition of the show. They then qualified for the final of the NXT Tag Team Championship Eliminator Tournament, where they lost to current champions, Axiom and Nathan Frazer, earlier this month.