WWE's Cody Rhodes Wonders Aloud About The Physics Of JD McDonagh's Enormous Head

The relationship between Cody Rhodes and JD McDonagh has always been a bit rocky, from a misunderstanding the two had in Irish promotion OTT years ago to Rhodes' feud with McDonagh's stable, Judgment Day, last year. But things between the two arguably reached their boiling point last summer when the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion did the unthinkable, insulting McDonagh for having a huge head, comparing it to a FUNKO Pop.


Rhodes' shot at McDonagh and his oversized noggin were brought up when Rhodes spoke to "Fightful" in an exclusive interview. "The American Nightmare" tried to spin the insult into a kindler, gentler dig, praising McDonagh for being such a great athlete despite having a head that large, while also putting over McDonagh's headbutt. Rhodes did note how pleased he was that people have paid closer attention to McDonagh's big head since the promo.

"I'm so glad that other people are talking about it," Rhodes said. "Because it was abnormal and to me he's such a super athlete. What shocks me about his athleticism is how he is able to balance the head on his body. You gotta do a lot of stuff and that headbutt, which you saw a lot more of in NXT, which is obviously you'll see more on the main roster, too. That headbutt's deadly. Samoan-level headbutt by JD."


While McDonagh's big head hasn't led to any recent success, with him and Judgment Day members Finn Balor and World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest coming up short in trios action last Monday on "Raw," Rhodes and his normal-sized cranium have continued to have a strong 2024. The Undisputed Universal Champion had his first successful title defense this past weekend, defeating AJ Styles in the main event of WWE Backlash in Lyon, France.