Dijak Gives High Praise To Absent WWE NXT Star, Says He's 'Destined To Be A Champion'

Fans watching "WWE NXT" in the second half of 2023 will remember the intense rivalry between Dijak and Eddy Thorpe, with their first match taking place in August 2023, and their rivalry ending following their NXT Underground match in December 2023. While Thorpe secured the victory over his bitter rival, he has been mostly absent from "NXT" programming since. Dijak recently took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to acknowledge Thorpe once news broke of Thorpe's injury and expected return.


Dijak lauded his "NXT" peer as someone who is "destined to be a champion," and reaffirmed Thorpe's potential to be a main-eventer, as well as expressing excitement for his return.

Thorpe, known previously as Karl Fredericks in NJPW, was sidelined for three months following a hip injury he sustained during his NXT Underground match against Dijak. While he has not been seen on any recent "NXT" broadcasts, he has been working on "NXT" Level Up and "NXT" house shows as early as March 2023. Sources reportedly "close to NXT's creative process" have claimed that Thorpe is slated for an "imminent" return to Tuesday nights. 


Dijak, on the other hand, has recently been drafted to "WWE Raw," but he has not made an appearance on the red brand for creative-related reasons. While Thorpe and Dijak now occupy separate shows, fans fondly remember their aggressive contests on the developmental brand.