Video: WWE Star Drew McIntyre Refuses To Be Silenced

If there's anything fans have learned about Drew McIntyre since last fall, it's that he hates CM Punk with a passion the Young Bucks and Jack Perry would find alarming, and that he isn't shy about telling people how it is. While that had originally just been the case whenever McIntyre appeared on "Raw," the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion is now making sure he won't be ignored on any platform.


Taking to X a half an hour after "Raw" went off the air last night, McIntyre posted a near two and a half minute video, beginning with him accusing "Raw" management, including Adam Pearce, of silencing him. McIntyre said that would not work, that he would use whatever stage he had to say what he wanted, when he wanted, even going as far to say he'd "weaponize" his X account to get his message out if needs be.

With that out of the way, McIntyre got back to what he was talking about previously on "Raw" regarding current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest. McIntyre claimed everything was falling apart from Priest even though his title reign had just started, and that McIntyre was happy to take up Priest's responsibilities as champion, even going as far to refer to himself as "the leader of 'Raw.'"


After taking a few shots at Priest, Punk, and Sheamus, McIntyre credited himself for losing the title to Priest, saying he laid out the blueprint for the Judgment Day member to successfully cash in Money in the Bank. McIntyre reiterated that Priest wasn't the right man to be champion, though he'd still have a spot on the card just below McIntyre on his version of 'Raw,' and that in the end it was a pity Priest peaked just when McIntyre did.