Presumptive WWE Talent Giulia Offers Injury Update

WWE fans over WrestleMania 40 weekend were very excited to see former STARDOM performer Giulia sitting in the crowd during NXT Stand and Deliver, with a debut in WWE seemingly on the cards for the near future after agreeing a deal with the company. However, during Marigold's inaugural event 'Fields Forever,' Giulia suffered a fractured wrist, putting her on the shelf for the time being, with her WWE debut put on hold.


Giulia did get surgery on her wrist on May 28, which reportedly went successfully, and the woman herself has given a positive update of her own via her X (formerly known as Twitter) account to reveal that she has been discharged from hospital. She wrote. "Discharged from the hospital! I'm out of hospital! Thank you to everyone who was worried about me! I'm fine!"

WWE themselves reportedly insisted that Giulia get surgery on her wrist in order for the healing process to go a little smoother as the 30-year old was apparently eager to get back in the ring as soon as possible, regardless of whether she was 100%. The former STARDOM performer has already been booked to take on Sareee at Marigold's 'Summer Destiny' event on July 13, one week after her rumored WWE debut where current NXT Champion Roxanne Perez is a rumored opponent.


WWE are still hoping for Giulia to become part of the company's roster over the summer, with her current injury only being seen as slight setback, despite her recovery timeframe still being up in the air at the time of writing. Marigold have already confirmed that Giulia will return to the road on June 1 to be part of the company's inaugural Japanese tour, with the 30-year old making it clear that she wants to be very hands-on with the company in its early stages.