Dave Meltzer Offers Update On Pending WWE WrestleMania 40 Documentary

Almost immediately after WrestleMania 40 closed its curtain, WWE moved quickly to announce a documentary, "WWE WrestleMania XL: Behind the Curtain," would be released within days. Nearly two months later, the documentary has still yet to air, with many wondering what the hold up is, and if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has had anything to do with it, something creative partner Brian Gewirtz has denied.


In Friday's "Wrestling Observer Newsletter," Dave Meltzer provided something of an update regarding the documentary. Noting that a potential release date was still unconfirmed, Meltzer stated there was a reason for the delay, but that it was being kept quiet from all but a few people. He further confirmed Gewirtz's denials regarding The Rock, saying that rumors the documentary was held up because it required Rock's clearance to air were untrue.

One potential pitfall for the documentary is how the behind-the-scenes story of WrestleMania 40 will be told, as it's believed that many of the stories regarding the lead-up to the event, centered around The Rock, Cody Rhodes, and Roman Reigns, are "contradictory." This is especially seen as the case regarding original plans for Rock and Reigns to face each other at WrestleMania, and Rhodes, who won his second straight Royal Rumble to earn a title shot, stepping aside in Rock's favor.


While it's expected the documentary will feature an inside look at WrestleMania's original plans and WWE's subsequent pivot, Meltzer remains skeptical they'll get into great detail regarding how long Rock-Reigns was planned, and when Rhodes knew about them. It's also believed the documentary will avoid going too in depth regarding the creative differences between Rock, WWE chief content officer Triple H, and even Reigns himself, though it will feature elements.