WWE's Alexa Bliss Addresses Medical Question About Daughter Hendrix

The potential return to television for Alexa Bliss has been a hot topic throughout early 2024, and has ramped up in the past week after fans thought they spotted Bliss backstage during "WWE Raw." But the former 5-time WWE Women's Champion has had something else occupying her mind regarding the health of her daughter Hendrix, who Bliss gave birth to this past fall.


Taking to X on Monday morning, Bliss addressed a recent video she posted showing her daughter wearing a helmet. She revealed that Hendrix was born with torticollis, a dystonic condition that has led to her suffering from "moderate to severe plagiocephaly. After attempts at repositioning and stretches failed to help, Hendrix is now required to wear the helmet in order to improve her condition.

Bliss is hopeful that wearing the helmet will help reposition her daughter's head, and allow her to not have to deal with problems later on in life, while also asking her fans for any tips regarding babies who wear helmets. She stressed that Hendrix's condition was very common and assured one fan there was nothing to be concerned about. Bliss also attempted to lighten the mood, asking fans for suggestions regarding how to decorate the helmet.


Hendrix's health concerns are the latest issue Bliss has faced since she last stepped into the ring in January 2023. Shortly before announcing her pregnancy, Bliss revealed that she had been treated for skin cancer. She was given the all clear only days after making her condition public, and blamed it on her use of tanning beds earlier in her career.