WWE NXT Champion Trick Williams Explains His Biggest Fear As A Performer

Since WWE shifted its focus in "NXT" towards younger talent, arguably only Bronn Breakker has broken out the way Trick Williams has. Starting out as the muscle for Carmelo Hayes, Williams has come into his own as "NXT's" top babyface in 2024, including defeating Hayes twice in April after Hayes turned on him, and finally overcoming rival Ilja Dragunov to become NXT Champion just a few weeks later.


According to Williams though, none of this success would've happened if he hadn't stepped up to the plate behind the scenes. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio" this past Monday, Williams once again discussed his conversations with "NXT" head Shawn Michaels about getting more opportunities to perform, which ultimately paved the way for Williams breaking out. Williams' insistence on more TV time and matches was borne out of wanting to succeed or fail on his own merits, instead of waiting for something to come his way while sitting backstage.

"My biggest fear is not being able to reach my potential," Williams said. "If I sat in the back and didn't say a word, didn't open my mouth the whole time, and I didn't get to where I wanted to by the end of my career, I couldn't live with myself. So I'mma find out one way or another. I'm going to get out there, and I'll fail before I never get the opportunity."


Williams will get another chance to prove himself or fail while trying at NXT Battleground, where he'll defend the championship against Ethan Page. The former AEW star debuted on "NXT" last week by attacking Williams, followed by him officially signing with "NXT" this week, with a guaranteed NXT Title shot being included in his contract.

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