Video: Watch The Trailer For Dave Bautista's Action-Comedy The Killer's Game

Dave Bautista has had plenty to keep him busy on the acting front over the past year, including reprising his roles as Glossu Rabban in "Dune: Part II" and JJ in the upcoming film "My Spy 2: The Eternal City." Then there's "The Killer's Game," an action-comedy that Bautista was announced for nearly a year ago. Now, after much anticipation, fans are finally getting a look at the film.


Just around noon on Wednesday, Lionsgate officially unveiled the trailer for "The Killer's Game," confirming many of the plot details previously revealed. Bautista plays hitman Joe Flood, who after learning he is suffering from a terminal illness, enlists nemesis Marianna (Pom Klementieff) to put a contract out on his life. Things get dicey, however, when Flood learns he's not dying; when Marianna refuses to call off the hit, Flood must fight off a wave of assassins with the help of his girlfriend Maize (Sofia Boutella).

While Bautista may be the most notable wrestling star involved in "Killer's Game," he's not the only one, as the film will also feature WWE star Drew McIntyre, who portrays Rory Mackenzie, one of the assassins after Flood. Though not featured prominently, McIntyre can briefly be seen in the trailer, sporting a deranged smile while wearing a flannel shirt.


In addition to McIntyre, "Killer's Game" will see Bautista work with several familiar faces, most notably Klementieff, who starred alongside Bautista in Volume's II and III of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" series. The film is the first of two upcoming collaborations between Bautista and director J.J. Perry, who recently began filming the science fiction film "Afterburn." Set in an earth affected by a solar flare, "Afterburn" sees Bautista star as a former soldier turned treasure hunter, seeking objects unaffected by the flare.