AEW's Billy Gunn Discusses Sons Austin And Colten's Journey In Pro Wrestling So Far

Billy Gunn has discussed his sons, Austin and Colten Gunn, their transition to the world of pro wrestling, and what they have to do to be successful.

Gunn, in a recent conversation with Chris Van Vliet on his "Insight" podcast, said that he finds his children very entertaining in AEW, and discussed their journey in the pro wrestling business. The WWE Hall of Famer stated that the former AEW World Tag Team Champions are different from each other in all aspects, but they have been able to gel together as a pairing. 


"They weren't allowed [to wrestle when they were young]," said Gunn about his sons. He explained how Colten, at first, wasn't interested in becoming a wrestler. "No [Colten wasn't interested in wrestling] because Colton's extremely smart [laughs]. If we categorize Austin and Colten, Colten is very put together. Colten had his ... since he's 12, he's had his life planned out until he was 60. That's how put together he is. Extremely smart, intelligent ... and I'm not saying like — don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Austin isn't, but this will clear it up: Austin is me, 100%. So he is all me."

The veteran star said that Colten is meticulous and analyzes various aspects, which annoyed him when he was training them, while Austin goes more by instinct. Gunn said that he had initially started working with Austin, and Colten later was curious to give pro wrestling a try. He revealed that Colten, before becoming a wrestler, had gone to college and was running a construction company. 


Gunn on his advice for his sons

Billy Gunn also revealed the advice that he often gives his sons about the pro wrestling business, telling them to be themselves. He feels that the key for the duo is to understand what works for them as a team.


"They finally kind of figured out — and they're still in figure out mode. It takes a while," Gunn said. "They're still in figure out what we are together, how we are, and a lot of the training with them was just letting Colten know, 'It's okay to be you,' and it's okay that Austin's Austin. But you cannot be Austin, you cannot try to measure up to his energy and his charisma and all because that is a major downfall for you because there's no way you can do it. But you can gel together if you guys just figure out who's good at what, who's good at [other things] and mesh them together."

He said that he and Road Dogg were in a similar situation all those years ago, explaining how they were different from each other but found a way to gel as a team. Since debuting in AEW in 2020, The Gunns have won the AEW World Tag Team titles as well as the Trios title alongside Jay White, with their Bang Bang Gang stable featuring consistently on AEW television.