Bobby Lashley Thinks New WWE Signee Needs To Shake More Hands Backstage

Though just two matches into his wrestling career, Logan Paul has already had an eventful WWE career. The controversial influencer turned athlete, who signed a multi-year deal with WWE, is 2-0 so far with the promotion, teaming with The Miz to defeat The Mysterios at WrestleMania 38 before defeating his old partner at SummerSlam, with both victories coming in impressive fashion.

As such, Paul is a talent that has gotten the interest of other WWE talent, including current United States Champion Bobby Lashley. In an interview with TV Insider, Lashley talked about what has impressed him about Paul thus far, as well as what he'd like to see more of from the budding star.

"I'm interested to see how it works out," Lashley said. "I know he put in the work. There is a difference though. When I first came into the business, you went up and shook everyone's hand to get to know everyone. I haven't gotten the chance to know Logan that much. He has passed by a few times. I walked by and shook his hand.

"I don't know if he'll be a full-time person on the roster, but it would be good for him to shake a little more hands and get to know more people. For the most part, he has been doing great. The times he has gotten in there he has picked it up so quickly. He hasn't had the opportunity to settle in though. If he settles in, I think he will do good."

At this time, it's unclear just when fans will see Paul in a WWE ring again. It was reported shortly after SummerSlam that Paul would be disappearing from the promotion for the foreseeable future, as he prepares to take part in a boxing match this December. No opponent has been formally announced for Paul as of this writing.