Major Backstage Update On Sasha Banks And Naomi's WWE Status

Ever since Vince McMahon announced his retirement and a new regime headed by Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Triple H took over WWE, fans have speculated whether this would lead to the return of Naomi and Sasha Banks to the promotion. Now, new information suggests such a return is closer than ever.

In an appearance on "Sunday Night's Main Event," Dave Meltzer revealed the latest he had heard regarding Banks and Naomi coming back to WWE.

"Last week, which was the last I checked, the contract hadn't been signed but they were all expecting that it was happening," Meltzer said. "They were all on the same page. I was basically told it's as good as done, but they haven't signed, so it could fall through. They may have already signed by now. But a week ago, it was already 'They're back.' It could be tomorrow, it could be in a couple of weeks. It's whatever day they want. They're probably pacing things; you don't want to show all your cards in week one, you want to have something big to talk about every week for the next couple of weeks. I think an agreement in principle was reached over a week ago."

Neither Banks nor Naomi has been seen in WWE since they walked out of "WWE Raw" back in May, leading to them being suspended indefinitely and stripped of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Until McMahon's retirement, neither wrestler had shown a desire to return to the company, and reports even emerged suggesting WWE had released Banks.

As rumors of the duo returning continue to grow, the WWE has announced a tournament for the vacant WWE Women's Tag Team Championships, after the titles had laid dormant for months. Whether this is another sign that Banks and Naomi are returning is unclear at this time. The duo was most recently seen this past weekend when they appeared at Chicago's C2E2 convention.

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