Volusia County Court Sets New Pre-Trial Date For Tammy Sytch Case

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch's 2022 continues to be highly tumultuous. The WWE Hall of Famer returned to the spotlight when she was involved in a deadly car accident back in March (via Ormond Beach Observer). Her car allegedly rear-ended another vehicle at a traffic stop, resulting in Sytch suffering several injuries and the death of the 75-year-old man who was behind the wheel of the vehicle she hit. The man's death, and Sytch's blood alcohol level later coming back 3 ½ times over the legal limit at the time of the accident, would ultimately lead to Sytch being arrested in early May on a charge of DUI Manslaughter.

Since then, there have been numerous updates on Sytch and yet very little movement in her trial. She was released on bond, only to have it revoked soon after, watched her then lawyer Steven deLarcohe withdraw from the case (via PWInsider), forcing her to seek public counsel, and at one point was told by a judge to warn her boyfriend, James Pente, he could be held in contempt after an encounter between Pente and the lawyer prosecuting Sytch (via Daytona Beach News-Journal). As all of that was going on, Sytch has also been dealing with a lawsuit filed against her and Pente by the family of the deceased, though she has sought to have the lawsuit dismissed. Through all of that, the trial of Sytch has yet to begin, and a new report suggests the wait will now continue.

Tammy Sytch Continues to Await Trial

According to PWInsider, the Volusia County, FL court has granted Sytch's motion to forgo a speedy trial, pushing back her pre-trial hearing from August 11 to October 13. Sytch waved her right to a speedy trial just a week ago. Despite the new date for the trial, PWInsider's report noted that it was still expected that four officers involved in Sytch's accident and arrest would be giving depositions on September 13, a month before Sytch's pre-trial hearing.

As previously noted, Sytch pled not guilty on all charges in early June. Toward the end of the month, she was given "criminal indigent status" due to her being unable to afford a lawyer for her defense following deLaroche withdrawing from the case. In addition to these charges, Sytch also received a delinquency notice from the state of Pennsylvania in early July, due to unpaid court costs stemming from past DUI charges Sytch received in the state.