Tammy Sytch has plenty of legal issues to deal with at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped another problem from falling into her lap. Only this time, it will be one related to past incidents involving the WWE Hall of Famer.

PWInsider is reporting that Sytch has recently been issued a delinquency notice by the state of Pennsylvania. According to the notice, Sytch is now 1,183 days (over 3 years) overdue for payments regarding court costs from previous DUI cases. The former Sunny was arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania twice, first in 2015 and then again in 2016.

The report also notes that this is now the third delinquency notice Sytch has received regarding her previous cases, and that, due to penalties, she now owes a total of $4,544.30 to Carbon County, Pennsylvania. It was also noted that Sytch last issued a payment towards her court costs in June 2020, when she paid the county $120.

In the big picture, the delinquency notice is likely the least of Sytch’s concerns. The former Sunny is currently awaiting trial following her role in a March 25 car accident that resulted in the death of a 75-year-old man after Sytch allegedly rear-ended the victim’s vehicle. Toxicology reports later revealed Sytch’s blood-alcohol level was 3 1/2 times over the legal limit, and she was arrested for DUI Manslaughter in early May.

After leaving and then returning to jail following her bond being revoked, Sytch issued a plea of not guilty in early June. Most recently, she has dealt with issues regarding her representation after her attorney, Steven deLaroche, successfully filed to withdraw from representing Sytch in her trial. While she continues to search for a new attorney, the WWE Hall of Famer sought and has since received a public defender to represent her. She is next scheduled to appear in court on August 11.

In addition to her criminal charges and delinquency notices, Sytch and boyfriend James Pente are also facing a lawsuit from the family of the victim, though Sytch is seeking to have those charges dismissed. Pente himself is in hot water after Sytch’s trial judge issued him a warning, through Sytch, regarding an altercation he had with an opposing lawyer.

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