Multiple Updates On Tammy Sytch DUI Manslaughter Trial

It's been a few weeks now since the latest update regarding the charges of DUI manslaughter against Tammy Sytch, which saw the WWE Hall of Famer's lawyer, Steven deLaroche, withdraw from her case following several disagreements between himself and his client. As has become typical for this trial, however, more twists and turns emerged just before the Fourth of July weekend.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Sytch was in court again last Thursday, June 30, where she asked Judge Karen Foxman if she could be represented by a public defender for a time while she seeks new counsel. Sytch said her boyfriend, James Pente, was looking for deLaroche's replacement. The request was granted after Sytch filled out a form to determine whether she qualified for public representation.

The drama didn't end there, however, with the judge then questioning Assistant State Attorney Ashley Terwilleger about an altercation between her and Pente before the hearing. Terwilleger alleged that Pente called her "a dirty [expletive]," among other remarks. With Pente no longer present at the hearing, Judge Fox informed Sytch that Pente's behavior was unacceptable f he wished to remain in court during her trial, as it could potentially constitute contempt of court.

Sytch is on trial for her role in a March 25 car accident in which she rear-ended another vehicle at a traffic stop. The crash resulted in the death of a 75-year-old man, and Sytch was arrested in May after toxicology reports came back showing her blood alcohol content was 3 1/2 times over the legal limit. After briefly being released on bond, she returned to jail after her bond was revoked, and has remained there since.

In addition to her criminal charges, for which Sytch entered a plea of not guilty in early June, she and Pente are also facing a lawsuit filed by the family of the victim, who are seeking over $100,000 in damages. Sytch filed to have the lawsuit dismissed in June, arguing the victim's daughter had not properly been appointed as representative of the victim's estate. There has been no update on the civil trial since. Sytch is next scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on August 11.