Ciampa Continues To Tease Something Different For WWE Summerslam

Ciampa and The Miz have been one of the stronger pairings on "Raw" as of late, and now Ciampa has continued to tease something different for the two of them.

"I think his gear is amazing and I'm kind of piggybacking off of it for tomorrow [at Summerslam]. I haven't even fully seen it yet," Ciampa revealed to Wrestling INC.'s own Nick Hausman. "I've just seen glimpses. Just the color scheme made me go 'Woah'. The direction I gave to our shared seamstress was 'Hey, whatever Miz did, do it for me in my way.' I'm excited."

Ciampa first teased the matching gear between the two a few days ago. He said that the gear was more in The Miz's realm and called the gear different from anything he has ever worn before.

Ciampa also said that he has enjoyed working with The Miz and revealed that both he and his brother have always been big fans of The Miz.

The two stars had been friendly throughout June but officially confirmed their partnership on the July 4 edition of "Raw," after Ciampa helped The Miz attack AJ Styles after he lost to Styles in singles action. The two shook hands afterward.

He stated that after the match between the two on the November 1, 2019 edition of "Smackdown,"he was amazed at how good the Miz was and said it's "awesome" that he gets to work with him now.

The Miz will be taking on Logan Paul tomorrow night at Summerslam at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, with Ciampa presumably set to be at ringside. Live coverage for the full show will be available on our website.

Watch the full interview here on Wrestling INC.'s official YouTube channel.

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