Millie McKenzie And Several More WWE NXT UK Talent Released

The hits just keep coming for the "NXT UK" roster today. After it was announced that the brand would be going on hiatus and transitioning into the "NXT Europe" brand in 2023, several talents announced they had been let go from WWE's UK branch, including Flash Morgan Webster, Wild Boar, Mark Andrews, Jack Starz, Dave Mastiff, Amale, and Ashton Smith. Since then, more names are revealing that they've been let go.

The most high-profile name to announce their departure from this latest batch is Millie McKenzie, revealing WWE had let her go in a tweet Thursday afternoon. Other talents who announced their "NXT UK" departure via social media included wrestlers Nina Samuel, Sam Gradwell, Dani Luna, Rohan Raja, Primate, Sha Samuels, Kenny Williams, and ring announcer Kirsty Bosley.

"Thanks for the memories WWE," McKenzie tweeted.

"What an adventure," Bosley tweeted, along with a photo of her microphone.

"I'm now REALLY skint," Sha Samuels tweeted. "Thanks for the laughs and it was a joy. Appreciate the opportunity WWE."

"Least the last match was my best match," Williams tweeted. "Top Tier on NXT UK tonight!"

"I'm sure I don't need to say it," Luna tweeted. "In a couple months you'll be sick of me already. DANIXLUNA SOON."

NXT UK releases keep coming

"Hope you all enjoyed The Nina Samuels Show, I've recorded some gems for you to enjoy over the next few weeks so tune in tonight to NXT UK," Nina Samuels tweeted. "Then, there's a big wide world out there that."

"As of today, I am no longer under contract with WWE," Primate said in a post on Instagram. "I want to thank them for all the opportunities they gave me over 3 years and considering I never started wrestling until 2014 I'm extremely proud of what I have achieved!! Onto the next challenge and achieving the impossible!"

"Very thankful to WWE for allowing me to entertain thousands every week," Raja tweeted. "This is just a road bump for me and I solely believe that. I have a chip to prove and I'm going to do everything I can so I can get back to where I belong. I'll be back!"

As noted by some talents, these releases are occurring on the same day "NXT UK" is scheduled to air. The show, which was taped in early July, will feature several released talents, including Andrews, Nina Samuels, Amale, and Williams.