Johnny Gargano Addresses Why He Returned To WWE

"I'm still at a loss for words." 

Johnny Gargano's WWE return was a shock to the system. "I was away for 9 months," he said in an exclusive backstage WWE video. Gargano said he was "changing diapers and watching 'Bluey' and doing the dad thing" for such a long time, that he worried no one would remember who he was. "Yeah, I was here for a long time in NXT, and I did a lot of cool things, but there's still that part of me that was a nervous wreck all day like 'hopefully one person remembers who I am,' and to stand there and watch my name come up on the tron and people go nuts. It's really a relief though." Gargano was practically vibrating from excitement, "I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders because people remember who I am and now it's time to get to work."

Gargano came back for "a lot of different reasons," citing the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, WWE Championship, and wrestling at WrestleMania as goals. "There's only one place you can do that, here in WWE. That's why I came back, that's why I'm beyond proud to be here." 

Gargano could not contain himself in the interview. "I am such a ball of energy right now because I just went out there for the first time. I've literally been sitting at home doing nothing for months! Just diapers! There's no good diapers. I'm so over the moon. I'm so excited!" 

Gargano said that next on his agenda was going home and seeing his child. "I think he was watching, he might be sleeping. He got a chant tonight! There was a 'Baby Wrestling' chant in a WWE ring. Yeah! Score one for him! He's gonna appreciate it when he gets older. I'm going to be like 'here watch this tape. Watch this VHS.'"

Gargano stepped away from WWE in December and had since been quiet about his future prospects. Gargano joins Dexter Lumis, Karrion Kross, and Dakota Kai among the formerly released talent from the "Black & Gold" era of NXT.