Darby Allin Does Crazy Stunt In Jeep

AEW star Darby Allin loves to wrestle. He also likes to shake things up a bit with some crazy stunts, like trying to perform a backflip on a tricycle at a Nitro Circus event or performing a flip dive off a 20+ foot ladder onto Jeff Hardy and several steel chairs. Those insane moments were apparently not enough for the former TNT Champion, however, who this week attempted a stunt that put both him and his home in potential danger.

On Friday morning, Allin posted his latest death-defying stunt on both Instagram and Twitter. "Sketchiest stunt I ever did!" Allin wrote in the accompanying captions. "96 foot jump in a jeep over my home into trailers."

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In the clip, Allin does, in fact, launch himself over his house in a silver Jeep. Captured in slow motion, the clip shows Allin's Jeep barely graze the end of his roof toward the end of the jump, with the rest of the car otherwise clearing it entirely. Allin's vehicle then landed nose first into a series of trailers, which served to cushion the fall. AEW did not comment on Allin's latest extreme sports moment, though the promotion did retweet the video. 

Onscreen, Allin and his partner Sting have been feuding with The House of Black, with Allin most recently defeating Brody King in a coffin match on an episode of "AEW Dynamite." Though not officially announced, it's expected that the duo, along with Miro, will be taking on King, Malakai Black, and Buddy Matthews at "AEW All Out" on September 4.