Top AEW Star Praises Tony Khan And Others In Wake Of Backstage Meeting

Recent reports coming out of AEW suggest that the company is in disarray behind the scenes at the moment. From stories of backstage heat between wrestlers to reported communication issues between AEW stars and management, it seems that the promotion is experiencing a challenging period.

However, it's not all doom and gloom, as some talents are evidently happy with life in AEW right now. Chris Jericho has been part of the promotion since its inception, and he's been vocal about believing that it's the top wrestling company around. Furthermore, the 51-year-old former AEW World Heavyweight Champion took to Twitter on Tuesday, August 30, and praised the management team for the work they do.

"Just wanna thank @TonyKhan, @KennyOmegamanX & @youngbucks for reigniting my love for pro wrestling!! @AEW is the BEST wrestling company in the world today and I'm so PROUD to be a part of it! Haters gonna hate...and wizards are gonna throw fireballs at all their a***s!"

Jericho's comments come in the wake of last week's mandatory AEW talent meeting, which was set up by Khan ahead of the most recent "AEW Dynamite." According to the reports, the AEW CEO and President addressed a variety of topics at the meeting, including backstage issues, structural changes, and WWE reportedly tampering with contracted AEW talent. Jericho was present for the meeting and was one of the people who spoke in front of the locker room, giving a speech to rally the troops behind the company as the promotion heads into the future.