Blue Meanie Says He Pitched ThunderDome Concept To AEW But WWE Picked It Up

ECW Original The Blue Meanie was a guest on our The Wrestling Inc. Podcast earlier today. During his appearance Meanie discussed wrestling promotions continuing their shows throughout the pandemic as well as his understanding of where WWE was coming from. For example, Meanie noted the pressures of WWE being contracted by two major networks, FOX and USA.

"I don't know what I would do in that position if I were the head of a company. When it comes to WWE, I think it became a sense of where they had to obligate certain contracts," Blue Meanie believed. "They have contracts with FOX and USA Network, where they have to guarantee a certain amount of content for their network or they lose their contracts.

"So, they have to do something. It's a right and it's wrong. I wouldn't do it. As a performer, I've turned down a lot of stuff just because there's so much uncertainty out there. You're fighting something that you can't see. With this pandemic, anybody can have it and you don't know who. It's hard to safeguard yourself from something you can't see. If it's me running a company–if it's an independent company, I wouldn't be running, but I can see where WWE has a necessity and keep good faith they signed with the contracts with these networks. I see where they're coming from."

Before the pandemic, Blue Meanie had been wrestling on the independent scene. Meanie noted that he would be interested in working for a major promotion, although not during the pandemic.

"Sure! It's up to them, but not right now. Let's get this vaccine and figure this crap out!," Blue Meanie exclaimed. "But I'd love to do something in the producer role, whether in WWE or in AEW."

As Meanie was answering if he would be interested in making another televised wrestling appearance, he also made an interesting revelation. Apparently, Meanie had been pitching the ThunderDome concept on social media a few months back. He seems to think WWE may have seen the idea and run with it.

"I have ideas and I pitched ideas on Twitter that wound up being on somebody's TV. I pitched the whole ThunderDome thing to AEW and WWE went and did it," Blue Meanie revealed. "So, that'd be great if AEW decided to video screen the back with people in Zoom calls, so they can add some kind of background noise, and then WWE goes, 'Exclusively on ThunderDome!'. I was like, 'What!?' As soon as they announced the ThunderDome, 'I posted the screen cap of me with the idea two months before."

Moving away from pandemic talk Blue Meanie sounded off on Roman Reigns. The notorious pro wrestling funnyman agrees with many that The Tribal Chief's pairing with ECW owner Paul Heyman is working.

"The whole Roman Reigns storyline is probably the best thing going on in wrestling right now. To me, Randy Orton is the best heel in the business right now," Blue Meanie believes. "But Roman, people have been begging for this forever, a Roman heel turn. What better way to do it than with Paul Heyman, who has a long history with the Samoan family.

"You think way back to when Paul Heyman was managing The Samoan SWAT Team and all these different wrestlers. He's been around this forever. So, for Paul Heyman to guide Roman Reigns, it's a no-brainer," Blue Meanie added. "To see what's going on with the Samoan Dynasty, that's excellent storytelling and that's the one thing I have been following because the guy's a stud. He's good looking and he's talented. Everything they're doing is fantastic."

Meanie would then addressed the rumors of The Rock challenging Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania.

"Well, that's the rumor, but we'll see if The Rock wants to come back to wrestling. He's got a pretty sweet gig right now, but wrestling has been his life since he was in diapers," Blue Meanie quipped. "Everybody thinks, 'Oh yeah, he made his debut in Survivor Series [1996]'. No, he's been in the business a lot longer than that. Even if you're not wrestling, if you're family, you're in the business, because if your mother or dad's doing it, you're moving where they're moving just like them. You're getting up through different schools and it's almost like a military family, where you're moving around the country.

"He's been in the business, whether people realize it or not. Now if he wants to come back, I'm sure he would want to do something. I think that would be money in that situation where people want to see The Rock vs. Roman Reigns. It's just a matter of what's going on in the world of the pandemic."

Meanie continued, "I'm sure he's living in a bubble now, so he can continue what he's got to do. He's got a lot of responsibility for the movies and now, the XFL. Does he want to come back to wrestling? Who knows. He's already had COVID, so 'I don't know if that's something you can get the second time', Blue Meanie questioned. It's up to The Rock, really. He loves the wrestling business and it's in his blood. It's up to him and I would love to see that as well. I love to see promos between The Rock and Paul Heyman. That's money written all over it."

Many fans are buzzing at the moment about a potential Edge and Bray Wyatt confrontation at WrestleMania 37. Blue Meanie gave his thoughts on if Edge will be back on time for the biggest WWE show of the year. Although he questioned how long the injury will take to heal, he still has faith in Edge to return to the ring sooner than later.

"Edge always seems to have found that way to heal up. I remember when he tore his Achilles tendon in a match [versus Jeff Hardy]. He worked his way to heal in time to come back and be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.

"So, who knows what's going on with the injury and stuff like that. Haven't heard any updates. So, will he make it there? I don't know. It's up to him, his rehab, and not that he's old, but when you get older, it takes a little bit longer to heal up," Blue Meanie informed. "Injuries nag a little bit longer. So, it's anybody's guess really.

"I know that sounds like a cop-out of an answer, but when you're in your 40s, things don't heal up like they do when you're in your 20s. But, I'm sure he'll figure out away. He's got a great mind. I've seen people do miraculous things when it comes to making to pay-per-views, so time will tell."

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