AEW is currently digging its way out of an avalanche of injuries to a number of top stars in the promotion. On this week’s episode of The Hall of Fame podcast, former-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Booker T weighed in on how so many money players going down at once could affect the young promotion.

“Well I mean you got Punk down, you got Kenny Omega down, you got Danielson down, I think Scorpio Sky, I think they said he just pulled something,” Booker T said, listing numerous talents that are currently hurt in All Elite Wrestling, including AEW Champion CM Punk who announced his injury just days after winning the title. His co-host Brad Gilmore reminded him Jeff Hardy is also injured.

Booker T continued, “It’s not gonna get any easier over there, ok? The way the matches are set up and designed, it’s gonna be a lot of casualties, as far as guys getting hurt until they can pull that back a little bit.”

The former-World Heavyweight Champion went on to tie the entire situation into a piece of advice he’s given before on the podcast. “Once you start doing something, you can’t stop doing it. You gotta keep doing it because it’s what the fans want to see. When the promoter book you, he book you for that one reason: jump off something. So from this point forward they’re gonna have to figure out how to go out and how to perform and work and get to a 365-day schedule because it don’t stop. It really don’t stop.”

“And right now they got three of their major players down,” Booker T said, “and if it was a football game, you give ’em the shot and put their asses back in.” Booker T chuckled, the suggestion references the tendency in football to give a player a shot of cortisone to deal with any pain or inflammation they have, in the hopes of prolonging their time on the playing field. An interesting comment, considering WWE recently let Cody Rhodes wrestle a Hell In A Cell match against Seth Rollins, while Rhodes was suffering from a visibly torn pectoral muscle.

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