DDP Reached Out To MJF After His AEW Dynamite Pipebomb

Maxwell Jacob Friedman currently has the wrestling world up in arms after his dynamic promo on AEW Dynamite. The young star called out AEW President Tony Khan for refusing to pay him more, amongst other grievances. This situation between the two sides initially escalated when MJF no-showed a meet and greet with fans during AEW Double or Nothing weekend, which led to an entire series of events culminating in what now is being described as a "pipebomb."


Many Hall of Famers have given their opinions on the situation, with some wondering whether or not it's a work or shoot. The latest HOFer to comment on the situation is Diamond Dallas Page on the latest episode of "DDP Snake Pit."

"I've done some mentoring with MJF since he first came in," DDP said. "I wrote him and was like 'Bro, I'm hearing some crazy sh*t out there. Call me brother, I don't want to see you f*ck up what could be potentially one of the greatest careers.' I said 'Please call me so I can understand what you're doing and why.' He never got a hold of me."

The promo has since been compared to CM Punk's infamous pipebomb. But for DDP, it's another legendary superstar whose promo work MJF reminded him of.


"It does remind me of [a Brian] Pillman [promo in WCW] but he went kind of extreme and he has been to himself," DDP said. "No matter what it is, it does have a lot of attention. It was pretty real man so we'll see what happens as it moves on but no matter what, it moved the needle, it definitely moved the needle."

Since the situation, MJF has been removed from everything AEW, with Warner Brothers Discovery reportedly sending out an edict to have MJF taken off all promotional work involving AEW. Maxwell Jacob Friedman has also been removed from the AEW merchandise roster and official All Elite Wrestling roster on their website.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit DDP Snake Pit with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.