Warner Brothers Discovery Reportedly Issues Edict Regarding MJF

Work, shoot, or worked shoot; that remains the question in wrestling when it comes to the situation involving MJF and AEW. It's been nearly a week since an MJF promo on "AEW Dynamite" changed what everyone thought they knew about the story, and now a new report from PWInsider will likely throw into question what everyone believes they know, or perhaps solidify the stance they already have.


On Monday morning, PWInsider revealed that a source within Warner Brothers Discovery had told them that an edict had been issued to remove MJF from all promotional work regarding AEW programming going forward. While he may still appear in some advertising as footage of him is removed, all MJF footage is reportedly being replaced with other AEW footage as of now. This comes on the heels of MJF being removed from the intros to both "Dynamite" and "Rampage" going forward.

Depending on your viewpoint, this new information could point to the MJF situation being more realistic than many believed following his promo last Wednesday, another sign that the situation is a storyline with WBD now involved or something in between. All signs point to the AEW/WBD relationship being strong at the moment after the media company threw a party for the promotion following "AEW Dynamite" last Wednesday.


Of course, if MJF did in fact cross some kind of line with his pipebomb promo this could be WBD acting in earnest to distance themselves from the controversial young star. With so much speculation around this particular story, anything is possible.

Since he cut the promo Wednesday night, MJF has not seen or mentioned on AEW programming, and his profile has been removed from AEW's roster page on both their official website and ShopAEW, while the promotion also unfollowed him on Twitter. Before "AEW Rampage" this past Friday night, AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan received "MJF" chants while hyping the crowd up; Khan stopped his promo and appeared to smile as the chants went on.

Whether the MJF situation is a real life drama or a bit of storytelling will take a backseat this Wednesday night on "Dynamite" where AEW will determine who will go on to Forbidden Door to fight for the AEW Interim World Championship following CM Punk's injury.