MJF Removed From AEW Roster Pages

Whether it's a work or shoot, AEW seems to be fully trying to erase the existence of MJF at the moment. The latest move in the MJF vs. AEW saga has the promotion completely removing him from their AllEliteWrestling.com roster page as well as the AEWShop.com store. If you do happen to attempt to go to his shop site, you receive a "404 Error" code.

In addition to that, MJF was not included in any YouTube videos that AEW released last night nor was he in any of the publicity photos sent out from "AEW Dynamite."

MJF came out for the second segment of the show and delivered his polarizing promo where he lambasted AEW and disparaged AEW President Tony Khan, alleging that Khan has a preference for signing former WWE names to big contracts. MJF, microphone in hand, defended himself by mentioning he had to work his way from the ground up in the company at a time he felt AEW was all about the EVPs taking care of their friends.

Now, MJF has to financially compete against the released competition when it comes to securing contract dollars. Of course, he noted that he's statistically the second-biggest ratings draw in the entire company. He then went on to demand his release before an expletive-laced tirade got his microphone cut followed by a blackout to commercial and plenty of buzz on the internet.

Off-air, during that commercial break, CM Punk came out in an attempt to confront MJF before the besmirched star took exit via the crowd.

Before MJF was announced for "AEW Dynamite," it appeared that he would not be on the program as he did a stretcher job post-Wardlow match at AEW Double or Nothing.  Not only that, but Tony Khan chose not to comment on the situation in the media scrum following the PPV. It was then reported later on that Khan and MJF would have a meeting together.

Rumors swirled this past weekend regarding MJF's status for the PPV after he no-showed a scheduled Fan Fest appearance and reports came early Sunday that he was not seen backstage before the festivities started.