Would Booker T Advise Paige To Join AEW?

Booker T's recent comments about whether or not Sasha Banks should join AEW caused quite a stir in the wrestling world, but there is another major name in the women's division that is a soon-to-be free agent who could potentially join the company.

Paige recently announced that she will not be getting re-signed by WWE on July 7 when her current deal ends, leading to speculation over what is next for her career. While Booker stated that he didn't know if AEW was the right place for Banks, when it comes to Paige, he feels differently. When answering if he'd like to see Paige join the company during the latest "Hall Of Fame" podcast, the wrestling legend stated, "Yeah, I would.

"I would love to see Paige on a big stage if she's going to do it here. If she's not going to be in WWE, definitely, I could see Paige doing some really, really good stuff there [AEW], I really can, " he said. "... I don't look at Sasha the way I look at Paige, I look at those two totally different."

Paige has been retired from in-ring competition since 2017 when she suffered a career-ending neck injury during a live event, but Booker believes "Paige is a star," regardless of that. Since that took place, she has showcased her ability to be useful to any wrestling company with her promo skills alone as she worked as the WWE "SmackDown" General Manager, appeared on WWE "Backstage", and served as manager for The Kabuki Warriors.

"She's a star, bonafide," he stated. "Just that smile alone, I am serious, dog, that little dimple in between her chin ... She's money, so she could definitely make impact."

The future for Paige is unclear right now, but she has been confirmed for several appearances already since announcing her WWE departure. She will have her own stage show at Starrcast V, and the former Divas Champion is also returning to her family's promotion in Norwich, England.

Paige recently asked fans, "Where do you want to see me next?" on social media, which has got the wrestling world buzzing, and she has previously hinted that she might step back into the ring, having made it clear that is something she hopes to do again.

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