WWE Hall Of Famer Says Intercontinental Title Meant Nothing When He Had It

For decades, the Intercontinental Championship has been WWE's secondary championship, often referred to as the workhorse title.

While on "The A2theK Wrestling Show", WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather discussed why him having the Intercontinental Championship wasn't helpful in elevating stories on television.

"When they put it on me, the Intercontinental Title didn't mean anything," Godfather said. "Because I had the girls and this became something that the girls would carry, because the show was bigger than the Intercontinental Championship if that makes any sense. And so, I think they just put it on me just so later on when they put me in the Hall of Fame, they had something on there."

The Godfather would walk to the ring with girls who he referred to as "hoes," with one of them even winning the Women's Championship at one point.

Godfather did not have much singles Championship success, but as he mentioned, he was able to win the Intercontinental Championship for 42 days, originally defeating Goldust to win the title. Godfather had several successful defenses against talent such as Hardcore Holly and Road Dogg before ultimately losing it to Jeff Jarrett. He was also able to win the World Tag Team Championship with his tag partner at the time, Bull Buchanon.

A change in character came when WWE decided to create a parody of the Parents Television Council. Before the change, The Godfather would walk around and make references to smoking marijuana and calling women "hoes." After the change, he was referred to as The Goodfather and worked with the group Right To Censor alongside Steven Richards, Ivory, Val Venis, and Bull Buchanon. The group's focus was on getting rid of anything that would make the programming inappropriate for children to watch, such as sexual content, language, violence, etc.

The Godfather also worked under different personas in WWE, with those being Papa Shango, Kama Mustafa, and Kama. Godfather entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, a class that was headlined by 'The Icon' Sting.

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