Big E suffering a broken neck earlier this year was something that shocked and saddened the wrestling world, and while he has thankfully been able to avoid surgery, he was told just how serious it could have been.

The former WWE Champion landed directly on his head when taking a belly-to-belly suplex by Ridge Holland, who he has no issues with, outside of the ring on an episode of “SmackDown” on March 12, and he revealed to ESPN that doctors told him that kind of a fall could have “led to a stroke, paralysis, or death.”

While everyone knew the situation was a serious one, that is something that puts the injury into a whole new perspective and showcases how remarkable it is that Big E is recovering as well as he has been doing, even if there have been some bumps on the road. The New Day star weighed in on what hearing that serious piece of news meant to him.

“It’s very sobering to hear that,” he said. “… I think to be great at something like [pro wrestling], or at least to be competent, you can’t spend all your time worrying about possibly fatal injuries or breaking your neck. You have to go out there and be free and in the moment. I think a lot of us as performers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about that stuff. I never thought I would be.”

Big E fractured his C1 and C6 vertebrae during the bump, and he has not been seen on WWE television since that point in a live setting, but he has been providing regular updates for fans in regards to his rehabilitation. Big E shared footage of him walking around his neighborhood in one video, while in another positive step, he also took off his neck brace and threw it in the trash at the start of June.

On the flip side, there has also been less positive news at times, as he confirmed that his C1 is not ossifying at the moment, which means it isn’t growing bone. That is something the doctors will be looking into at around the one-year mark with another scan, which gives a timeframe for just how long he could be out of action.

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