Brody King Gets Darby Allin Inspired Tattoo

It's safe to say that Brody King may enjoy beating the tar out of Darby Allin. He first did it at the first-ever AEW Royal Rampage to earn an AEW Interim World Title shot, then attacked Allin at an autograph signing, followed that up by defeating Allin in singles action on "AEW Dynamite," and this past weekend, laid Allin out at the San Diego Comic-Con alongside fellow House of Black member Malakai Black.

After all those attacks, it's only natural that King would want something to commemorate those experiences with. And he did so by getting a tattoo, which he unveiled last night after "AEW Dynamite" while responding to a fan.

"Let me know what flowers you want on your headstone..." King tweeted.

In case fans weren't satisfied with the video reveal of that tattoo, King posted a still shot of his new ink in response to AEW tweeting about it later in the evening.

King's tattoo wasn't just a reminder of how he's dominated Allin over the last several weeks, but a reminder of what his future goals are in regards to ridding himself of the former AEW TNT Champion. Shortly before he unveiled his new tattoo for the world to see, King was on "AEW Dynamite" challenging Allin to a Coffin Match. The Coffin Match has been Allin's staple in AEW, having previously defeated Ethan Page and Andrade El Idolo in his specialty contest.

While King is dealing with Allin, Black has set his sights on recruiting Miro to join the two of them, Julia Hart, and Buddy Matthews in the House of Black. In the same promo in which King challenged Allin, Black promised Miro that should he join the House of Black, "The Redeemer" would sit on the throne of AEW, with all kneeling before him.