Stipulation Added To FTR Vs Briscoes ROH Tag Titles Rematch

Fans already knew they were getting FTR vs. The Briscoes II for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships at Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor, a rematch of the acclaimed match between the two teams from earlier this year at Supercard of Honor. But where the first match was a straight-up tag team match, the second bout will raise the stakes with a unique stipulation thrown in.

The stipulation was revealed at a special face-to-face confrontation between the Briscoes and FTR, hosted by AEW/ROH announcer Caprice Coleman, that aired early Friday afternoon on YouTube. The face-to-face started off cordially, with FTR sharing some tequila with the Briscoes, but soon turned heated when Jay and Mark Briscoe began insinuating Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood's victory over them was a fluke due to FTR being the fresher team at the time. This prompted a response from Wheeler.

"So it was the luckiest night of our lives, it was a fluke, you guys were worn down because you were wrestling way more than us," Wheeler said mockingly. "So if we beat you one night, it was a fluke, how about we beat your fresh asses? You are fresh, right? Two out of three falls. If we beat your asses twice in one night, is that a fluke?"

The Briscoes seemed receptive to the idea, but nothing was made official as the two teams continued to argue for another minute or so. Finally, Harwood reiterated Wheeler's earlier challenge.

"Two out of three falls, Death Before Dishonor," Harwood said. "FTR's going to beat your ass. Twice."

After the Briscoes again affirmed their willingness to take part in the match, Coleman confirmed the stipulation seconds later.

"So July 23, Ring of Honor PPV Death Before Dishonor, FTR and Briscoes have agreed to a best two out of three falls match for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles," Coleman said.

The fireworks weren't done though, as FTR proposed one final toast, only for the Briscoes to dump their glasses of tequila out, forcing Coleman to separate the two teams before things got violent. Ultimately both FTR and the Briscoes walked out without any blows being thrown.

ROH Death Before Dishonor, and the two out of three falls ROH Tag Title match between FTR and the Briscoes, will take place next Saturday, July 23, in Lowell, Massachusetts, and can be seen on Bleacher Report and traditional PPV.