Tony Khan Gives Reason He Believes Pro Wrestling Is Hot Right Now

Are we on the precipice of a pro wrestling "boom" period? Tony Khan believes this to be the case. The AEW CEO took to Twitter to propose the question to fans and state a reason as to why we might see wrestling enter another era where "the one true sport" is mainstream once more.


"Right now, numbers say wrestling is hot," Khan tweeted. "Many of us lived through a prior wrestling boom or booms, and know some telltale signs. Have you had friends ask you about wrestling lately looking to catch up? Have you gotten questions about wrestling from people who never asked before?"

Regardless of personal friend experiences, if you're taking a litmus test simply of the TV ratings from the past couple of weeks, Khan's "numbers" line warrants some conversation. Ever since Paul "Triple H" Levesque became Chief Content Officer for WWE, ratings for the company have seen improvement in a post-Vince McMahon era. As for Khan's property, AEW has faced some adversity amid all the occurrences surrounding All Out, but has recently been on a hot streak in the ratings, consistently seeing more than a million viewers, and this past Wednesday, "AEW Dynamite" received its best viewership number in nearly a year. Next week should also be beneficial for the company considering that it will be their annual "Grand Slam" event at Arthur Ashe in New York City. With both promotions doing rising numbers, it's not surprising Khan is seeing "telltale signs" of a boom period, though only time will tell if both these higher ratings and increased word-of-mouth interest in wrestling will prove sustainable.