Tyrus Celebrates NWA World Title Win

As NWA Hard Times 3 came to a close last night, the National Wrestling Alliance found themselves with a new World Heavyweight Champion: Tyrus.

"The training the focus, the sacrifice," Tyrus wrote on Twitter. The new champion credited training alone, "living in the gym" instead of the fridge, and copious film study for his victory over former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch, as well as former champion Matt Cardona. Tyrus pinned then-champion Murdoch to win the title, much to the chagrin of Cardona, who was stripped of the NWA Title in June due to injury.

Tyrus also celebrated the success of his memoir Just Tyrus, which was released earlier and became a bestseller, as well as the success of the show "Gutfeld." Tyrus has been a frequent guest of popular conservative talk show host Greg Gutfeld since 2016. NWA President Billy Corgan has often sung the praises of Tyrus, saying it can be hard to quantify his talent.

Tyrus and the NWA have been at the center of animosity between the promotion and former NWA Champion Nick Aldis. Aldis was scheduled to wrestle at NWA Hard Times 3 but instead turned in his notice to the promotion, leading to his suspension from the NWA. Tyrus and Aldis had been engaged in a feud surrounding NWA's 74th Anniversary weekend, which saw Tyrus replace Aldis in the main event for "political" reasons. NWA officials are adamant that the animosity between Aldis and the NWA, as well as Corgan and Tyrus, is not storyline.