Tony Khan On If He Knew What CM Punk Was Going To Say At AEW All Out Scrums

AEW Full Gear is right around the corner — this Saturday, November 19, to be exact — but even as it draws closer, the dark cloud of the infamous post-All Out media scrum still lingers as fresh as ever. Following disparaging words from CM Punk while at the microphone, the night would end with a backstage altercation between Punk and The Elite — Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks; a third-party investigation into the entire incident would stem from that, with Punk, Omega, and the Bucks away from the company throughout its duration. 

During the scrum itself, AEW President Tony Khan sat next to Punk as he shared his unfiltered thoughts on Omega, the Bucks, "Hangman" Adam Page, and Colt Cabana, and since then, many have wondered whether or not Khan knew what Punk was going to say or was aware of Punk's soon-to-be airing of grievances. In addition, even if he didn't, why didn't he simply step in and put an end to the whole affair? After Khan gave a bit of a non-answer on the Full Gear media call regarding Punk's status in AEW — given The Elite's return this weekend — Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman asked him exactly that: What did he know, and why didn't he stop it? 

"I never know. No, I did not know," Khan said. As for not interjecting and taking control of the situation, Khan attributed that to who was slated to speak next during the scrum and wanting to maintain his intended plans for them. "I will not comment beyond that except to say I had Keith (Lee) and Swerve coming up right after that," he continued, "and I had important stuff to talk to them about — including Keith and Swerve. In part, I was thinking about Keith and Swerve."