Caprice Coleman On What ROH's Presentation Says About Tony Khan

It's been a little under a year since Tony Khan bought Ring of Honor, and things have moved slowly but surely towards ROH becoming a separate entity from Khan's AEW, which has housed several ROH titles and talent throughout the year. But after three PPVs exclusive to ROH, ROH appears to be on the verge of having a tv show of its own again, with Khan revealing after Final Battle that ROH TV would be coming to a relaunched version of the Honor Club streaming service this January.

As to whether Khan's vision of Ring of Honor fits in with what the brand has represented over its 20-year run, arguably no one is better equipt to answer that question than ROH star turned color commentator Caprice Coleman, who has called all three of ROH's PPV events in the Khan era. In an interview with "Busted Open Radio," Coleman expressed his belief that Khan had kept the essence of ROH from past days alive, and how that is not something to take for granted.

"He's just not going in blindly," Coleman said. "He's methodical about what he's doing, to make it different, to make it stand apart from AEW. The athletes aren't just athletes, they aren't just wrestlers, they fit a certain category that he knows fit the style of Ring of Honor. And that can only be appreciated. 

"He could've done anything. So to bring in Bobby Cruise, to bring in Riccaboni and I, those things to keep the voice the same so that the people familiar with the product hear a familiar voice, that's huge. And then bringing in like the Bryan Danielsons, the Claudios, Samoa Joe, these guys with the history of Ring of Honor. The Jay Lethal's, the Briscoes, and all of that; that's Ring of Honor."

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