Big Update On Whether Sasha Banks Will Be Working In STARDOM

There are two things we all know for certain right now; Lionel Messi will have a chance to win his first World Cup on Sunday, and Sasha Banks will be appearing for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, starting January 4 at Wrestle Kingdom 17. There will reportedly be other appearances after that for WWE's former "Legit Boss" in NJPW, but the news has left some wondering if there could also be appearances for Banks in NJPW's sister promotion, STARDOM.

The answer to that question now looks likely to be yes. Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that while Banks' deal is with NJPW, she has agreed to one date with STARDOM for 2023. Meltzer noted the date is expected to be for an event in April, which STARDOM is planning on being one of, if not the, biggest events in the history of the promotion. More details are expected to be announced for the show at STARDOM's Sumo Hall date on December 29, and the April event is expected to take place in a venue in the Tokyo area.

According to Meltzer, both NJPW and STARDOM see Banks as a mainstream star, thanks to her ties to both WWE and Star Wars, as well as her huge following on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram. NJPW and STARDOM are thus hoping to use Banks' star power to build the public perception of both Bushiroad companies, and drive up subscriptions to the NJPW World streaming service. It has not yet been confirmed what Banks will be doing with NJPW beyond her scheduled appearance at Wrestle Kingdom. It is expected, however, that she will challenge the winner of the IWGP Women's Championship match on the show, between KAIRI and STARDOM wrestler Tam Nakano.