Cora Jade Looks Back On Major Moment In WWE NXT Career

Some moments just live forever, like the final hour and a half of James Cameron's "Titanic," Villanova's buzzer-beater to win the NCAA National Championship, and Bobby Zamora's goal to send Queens Park Rangers to the Premier League. For Cora Jade, her standout moment came earlier this year, after she turned on former tag partner Roxanne Perez and threw her half of the NXT Tag Team Championships into the trash.


Jade's tossing a title belt in a trash can isn't the first time that's happened in wrestling, and certainly isn't the most famous. But that famous moment was certainly an inspiration for Jade, and as she discussed in an interview with Mark Moses, something that helped make her belt toss memorable.

"That was crazy, especially since I grew seeing the famous clip of Alundra Blayze throwing the title in the trash," Jade said. "I feel anyone who grew up a wrestling fan knows that clip. So to do that, and have my own similar moment to that was crazy. To be able to do that, it was everything I wanted and more. It's something I'll look back in my career and remember it for forever."

The only downside to Jade's betrayal of Perez is that, so far, it's ultimately worked out a tad bit better for Jade's former partner. Perez became the "NXT" Women's Champion this past week, ending the 413-day reign of Mandy Rose. It would turn out to be the last match in Rose's WWE career, as she was released from the company the very next day.


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