Freddie Prinze Jr. Criticizes Recent WWE SmackDown Reveal

Fans got their first in-person glimpse of Uncle Howdy this past Friday on "SmackDown" after he appeared to prove to both LA Knight and fans that he was a separate entity from Bray Wyatt rather than his counterpart. As speculation about who is under the mask runs rampant, there is one person who was not impressed with the reveal: former WWE writer and Hollywood actor Freddie Prinze Jr.


"The smoke is not dissipating. You can't even see half of the beatdown," said Prinze Jr. on the latest episode of his podcast, "Wrestling With Freddie". "Then, it gets smokier and you hear some new music, and here comes Uncle Howdy. I want to be kind this whole podcast, however, the mask and the hat has to be so big to fit over the mask [of Uncle Howdy], which is a huge mask. It made Uncle Howdy look like Hornswoggle was coming out."

Uncle Howdy initially appeared in WWE on the October 14 edition of "SmackDown" after interrupting Wyatt in the middle of his first promo back in the company following his return. He formally introduced himself to the WWE Universe two weeks later and has had it out for Knight since he interrupted Wyatt during a backstage interview.


"I'm looking [at Uncle Howdy going] 'What the hell? How tall is that dude?'" Prinze Jr. continued. "It's got to be [Bo Dallas], right? I'm sure he's like 5'9" or 5'10" at least, and this guy looks [like he's 4 feet tall] ...The mask and the hat have to be so big that it makes the rest of his body look so small."

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