Backstage News On Potential Intercontinental Title Match At WWE WrestleMania

GUNTHER's reign as WWE Intercontinental Championship has certainly helped restore some of the forgotten prestige the title once held. And GUNTHER himself has continued to impress as a significant part of the "SmackDown" roster, as evidenced by his record-setting stay in this year's Royal Rumble. Clearly, there are big plans in the works for the "Ring General," which may include a banger of a match in line for WrestleMania 39. 


According to wrestling insider WrestleVotes, GUNTHER may be putting his Intercontinental Title on the line against not just one challenger. "I'm told while not decided 100%, there are plans to feature an Intercontinental Championship 3-way match at WrestleMania: Gunther vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre. There are a number of supporters within creative that not only want the match, but they want it towards the top. TBD."

GUNTHER has had his fair share of dealings with Sheamus in recent months. There was their Match of the Year candidate at Clash at the Castle — and its rematch. Plus, Imperium and the Brawling Brutes as groups were going head-to-head in the latter part of 2022, including a Six-Man Tag Team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match between them to kick off Extreme Rules in October


While GUNTHER has been busy as of late with defenses on "SmackDown" against the likes of Ricochet and Braun Strowman, it was only a matter of time before they were back on a collision course with one another. That picked back up again at the Royal Rumble, with the two men starting off the match at Nos. 1 and 2. Sheamus was aided quite a bit by Drew McIntyre, who has developed into his friend and tag team partner in recent weeks, with their commonality being that they both enjoy hitting things hard — including each other. 

McIntyre has been a bit cagey as of late with what direction he'll take next. However, Sheamus has made no secret of the fact that he wants that Intercontinental Championship around his waist, as the one title in WWE that has eluded him over the course of his career, and the last impediment to him completing a Grand Slam Championship.